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At about the time WalletMatrix was conceived, online wallet comparison resources existed but didn't posses the level of detail we needed or lacked functionality we wanted such as fine-grained searching and filtering. This left us unable to find what we were looking for quickly and effectively and we imagined that many other people might need something similar.

Data Accuracy

WalletMatrix doesn't "scrape" information from websites and it doesn't want* to contact vendors directly for periodic updates. Even if we had the staff (which we don't), things change way too fast for anyone to keep up. This led us to a bottom-up model where vendors push data to WalletMatrix rather than our pulling it from them.

The net result is both up-to-date and accurate information.

There's an emerging ethos within the cryptocurrency space of high degrees of verifiability - "Don't trust, verify". As such we encourage wallet vendors to digitally sign each of their updates. This means users can - with a little technical know-how - independently verify that the data and signature provided to us from vendors are both valid; that they actually came from the vendor themselves and that neither has been tampered with since they were generated and signed.

Comparison by default

Our scratched itch has expanded a little to include a level of detail we’ve not found elsewhere and we're doing our best to present it in a user-friendly way alongside as much contextual help as possible.

Don’t know your Segwit from your BIP39? It shouldn’t matter.

For what it's worth; there’s a website that’s been around for a decade or more called CMS Matrix. It's been used mainly by web developers and website managers to pit the features of one website Content Management System against another. It allows its users to compare features at-a-glance.

WalletMatrix wants to be the same thing for wallet software and hardware.

Down with reviews

Some wallet comparison resources provide user reviews which on the face of it sounds like a great idea; users get to read a first-hand account of wallet-use from people who've used the software before. But wallets are living things, they change frequently, sometimes daily. We think it’s too big an ask to keep reviews applicable to the ever changing wallet feature-set, and the ever increasing choice of wallets on the market.

For this reason, WalletMatrix will never provide wallet reviews.

You can of course still choose to read the reviews posted by users on the various app stores, but these are of course external to WalletMatrix and we have no control over their content.

* At time of writing, WalletMatrix is in varying stages of on-boarding vendors to manage there own data. In the interim, this means that we do need to manually scrape data and attempt to connect with vendors.