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If you're a developer and would like access to WalletMatrix data through a web API, then we have a simple and free* REST API available for you to use.

Before you can make a request for data, you'll need to obtain a token:

curl -X POST -d {} -H "x-api-token: new" https://walletmatrix.app/api/v1/token

You can then use the token above to request wallet data from the API using curl as per the example below, or using your favourite language or framework:

curl -H "x-api-token: <token>" https://walletmatrix.app/api/v1/wallet

Vendors can use the API to request a compatible UUID for use in their matrix.json files. To generate one, just call the uuid endpoint:

curl https://walletmatrix.app/api/v1/uuid

* Notes:

  • All API endpoints are rate-limited to x10 requests per minute
  • API tokens are garbage-collected once a week

Future Plans

More Data

Going forward, we have plans to expand the API's capabilities, but right now, only a very minimal set of data points are available, even though we actually manage many more.

Tiered Access

Right now, web API access is free. For the relatively small amount of data it comprises and the minimal number of requests it's capable of handling, this may become the "Free Tier". In future iterations, we'll offer paid access plans comprising bundles of requests, paid for using Bitcoin and Lightning of course.

Got any bright ideas?

If you're a developer and you have some ideas about the kinds of data, plans or rate limits you'd expect to see, then please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.