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WalletMatrix makes use of cookies, particularly session cookies that bind your web-browser to the servers. No personally identifying information is transferred in this connection and this type of cookie is required for the proper function of the website.


Google Analytics

WalletMatrix employs a third-party system provided by Google called Google Analytics. This provides traffic analyses and statistics that helps us understand how visitors are using the WalletMatrix. We do not have any direct access to the information obtained from Google Analytics, but Google itself does provide a summary of the information by means of an authentication-only dashboard.

We may share information obtained from Google Analytics with partners interested in advertising, but the information thus shared will not contain any personally identifying information (Google doesn't provide direct access to the information and as such, we cannot see it ourselves).

You can opt-out of having your information collected by Google Analytics by downloading the Google Analytics opt-out browser extension provided by Google which is available for all major browsers. This will prevent your information being used by Google Analytics. Doing this will not affect your ability to use WalletMatrix at all.

Download the opt-out browser add-on here.

Secure Sockets Layer

All communication for all parts of the WalletMatrix website between your web-browser and our servers is performed over an encrypted network connection that uses certificates generated by Let's Encrypt and which in turn rely on standard encryption techology. More information about the certificates themselves and their security can be found by reviewing them within your web-browser.

Please refer to the relevant documentation, manuals or websites for your particular web-browser to find out how to do this.